About Us

As an entrepreneurial team that loves to create, we started the SpongeHOP adventure in 2019. Our designs have been enriched with different models and varieties with our 20 years of experienced team in the sector. The most important feature of our products is that they are not elastic and not easily deformed. In addition to having many different angles and postures, we created the brand that we hope you will like with its specially designed packaging. It is aimed to use every segment easily in our products. Its light, flexible and aesthetic appearance is its greatest feature. The fact that most of the new generation phone holder designs are made of cool looks and materials made our design more popular and cute models. Has an infrastructure open to partner collaborations / promotions and initiatives Sponge HOP has designs that can be more than just a phone holder in everyday life. Customizable models have the philosophy of creating happiness from simple things in life. Demanding and using our products all over the world makes us happy. Our goal is to make each individual a sponge hop owner using a smartphone.